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Emerging Market
America's VEBA Solution brings you new hybrid methods to more effectively manage health care spending in today's ever changing environment >>

Peace of Mind
Unique employee benefit programs that allow employees and retirees the freedom and flexibility to choose how they pay
for health care expenses

Built to Last
Meeting employee expectations utilizing the latest developments in medical cost management and regulatory authority
that will stand the test of time

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Mission Statement

To serve America’s employers as the forefront leader in providing medical cost management strategies and regulatory compliance solutions.

This goal is being accomplished by:

  • Listening to our customers, plan participants, colleagues, and distribution partners
  • Never ending creative thinking
  • Innovative product design
  • Unconventional marketing and distribution programs
  • Best-in-class customer relations

Service Ideals

America's VEBA Solution is not a retirement plan provider offering health care savings plans as a side business. Health care savings and reimbursement plans are all that we do.  The unique structure of these types of programs requires diligent compliance efforts and ethical standards, from both the funding and reimbursement perspectives.

Rather than offering an inflexible "one-size-fits-all" program, America's VEBA Solution operates an "open architecture" philosophy allowing each client the flexibility to design a custom solution based on their unique objectives. We offer plan sponsors a choice of four of the nation's largest and most respected banking, trustee, and custodial institution partners. Through these arrangements we have the ability to administer over 3,300 mutual funds from more than 300 fund families in building a custom plan design and funding solution for each unique client. It is this flexibility that makes America's VEBA Solution the most flexible health care savings plan provider in America.

Company Profile

America’s VEBA Solution was developed in 2002 by an executive “brain-trust” of seasoned benefits professionals from the consulting, legal, administrative, actuarial, retirement, trustee and fiduciary fields. Today, we serve customers in twelve States and are expanding rapidly across the Country.

Our depth and breadth of employee benefits knowledge is at your fingertips. We believe that people are the heart and soul of any successful venture and we will continually strive to identify the best talent to ensure that our products and services are always leading edge.

Leadership Team

  • Richard J. Allen, Jr.

  • A. Merrill Ayers

  • Darcy L. Hitesman, Esq.

  • Mary P. Ratelle, FSA,MAAA

  • Jill M. Urdahl, FSA,EA, MAAA

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Interested in working with us? Learn more about career opportunities. 

America's VEBA Solution is a leading third-party administrator providing progressive account-based healthcare savings and reimbursement program consulting and administration. We do not provide Securities or offer investment advice. You should seek professional services of a qualified Registered Investment Advisor or FINRA Registered Representative before investing in a program administered by America's VEBA Solution.

Career Opportunities

 If you are highly motivated and enjoy the rewards of working with dynamic people who are committed to changing health care in America, you may be perfect for our team. As an equal opportunity employer, we encourage workforce diversity. By promoting the unique ideas and experiences of individuals, we position our company for continued growth in a rapidly-changing industry.

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