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Emerging Market
America's VEBA Solution brings you new hybrid methods to more effectively manage health care spending in today's ever changing environment >>
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Peace of Mind
Unique employee benefit programs that allow employees and retirees the freedom and flexibility to choose how they pay
for health care expenses
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Built to Last
Meeting employee expectations utilizing the latest developments in medical cost management and regulatory authority
that will stand the test of time
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America's Most Flexible Health Care Savings SolutionSM 

We're different...better! We know that you want choice, flexibility with no strings attached, and a solution provider that specializes in their profession. America's VEBA Solution is not a retirement plan provider or insurance company offering account-based health care savings plans and trust administration as a side business. Account-based health care savings and reimbursement plans are all that we do. The unique structure of these types of programs requires diligent compliance efforts and ethical standards, from both the funding and reimbursement perspectives. Our goal is to always err on the conservative in plan design to ensure continued regulatory compliance. In addition, we are committed to continuous improvement of the plans and options offered that will stand the test of time.

Rather than offering an inflexible "one-size-fits-all" program, America's VEBA Solution operates an "open architecture" structure allowing you the freedom and flexibility to design a custom solution based on your unique objectives. Whether your objective is to more effectively manage health care costs with a consumer-directed health plan, help employees save for postemployment health care expenses with retiree medical savings accounts, or pre-fund retiree health care benefit obligations, the best choice to administer your program is America’s VEBA Solution.

Our goal is to make it easy for you to do business with us. You will appreciate online access to a myriad of on-demand plan sponsor reporting and account management capabilities. Participants will appreciate our Online Tool Kit and Interactive Voice Response System. These systems provide the tools and resources necessary to manage investments and claims. If there are questions, our in-house customer care center is staffed with specialists in health care savings and reimbursement programs to serve your needs as well as those of your employees. 

Serving Multiple Employer Types

  • Public Sector

  • Private Sector

  • Non-Profit 501(c)(3)

  • Taft-Hartley Programs

  • Davis-Bacon Programs

Choice of Trust Instruments

  • 501(c)(9) – VEBA Trusts

  • Section 115 Governmental Trusts

  • Irrevocable and/or Revocable Trusts

Choice of Trustees

  • Choose between four of the Nation’s largest and most respected corporate trustee and custodial institutions

Choice of Investments1

  • Choose from several pre-packaged investment platforms -OR-

  • You and your investment advisor may choose from over 3,300 funds from more than 300 fund families to offer only the very best fund choices to your participants

Customized Retiree Health Care Solutions 

  • GASB 45 & FASB 106/158 OPEB Mitigation Strategies

  • Aggregated Defined Benefit Funding Trust Accounts

  • Participant-Directed Defined Contribution Accounts (RMSAs)

  • Notional RMA program administration

  • Blended combinations all from a single source administrator

Consumer-Directed Health Care Solutions 

  • Participant-Directed Health Care Accounts used in conjunction with any higher-deductible medical plan

  • Account balances are available immediately or can grow tax-free

Post-Employment Health Care Savings Solutions 

  • Participant-Directed Health Care Accounts that grow tax-free during employment

  • Tax-free reimbursement of post-employment health care premiums and uninsured expenses

  • An essential element of successful retirement planning that should not be overlooked

Value Added Services

  • Fully integrated Section 125/129 Flexible Spending Account administration

  • Transportation Reimbursement Plans

  • COBRA administration

  • Retiree Billing

  • Co-branded administration outsourcing

  • Private-label administration outsourcing

America's VEBA Solution will assist you and your advisors in designing an effective solution to reduce, and more effectively manage your active employee health care costs and post-employment benefit obligations. Contact us for more details >>

1America's VEBA Solution is a leading third-party administrator providing progressive healthcare savings and reimbursement program consulting and administration. We do not provide Securities or offer investment advice . You should seek professional services of a qualified Registered Investment Advisor or FINRA Registered Representative before investing in a program administered by America's VEBA Solution.  back to where you were >>

Career Opportunities
Career Opportunities

 If you are highly motivated and enjoy the rewards of working with dynamic people who are committed to changing health care in America, you may be perfect for our team. As an equal opportunity employer, we encourage workforce diversity. By promoting the unique ideas and experiences of individuals, we position our company for continued growth in a rapidly-changing industry.

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More Information

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