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America's VEBA Solution brings you new hybrid solutions that allow you to develop numerous risk management strategies to provide cost effective health care benefits like never before. Whether you maintain a fully-insured or self-funded medical insurance plan or are considering a new high deductible consumer-directed health care plan to more effectively control your health care spending, America’s VEBA Solution will provide tax-advantaged funding solutions that enhance your overall benefits package.

In addition to the numerous risk management strategies that can be developed for active employees with America’s VEBA Solution, GASB 45 OPEB liability is a serious concern for most public sector employers. America’s VEBA Solution provides many new methods to help reduce your unfunded liability of providing retiree medical, dental, vision, and hearing benefits.

Today, employees are demanding more choice, more personalization and better cost control in their medical benefit plans. Regardless of an employee’s life stage, America’s VEBA Solution provides customizable benefit solutions to better meet their needs today and in the future.